be you

Mood: Vivacious, Feisty, Fun.

A toast to ladies with fiery temperaments and soft hearts. Sparkling ginger and peppercorn dominate a heart of sweet nutmeg and rose. The initial feistiness is balanced by soothing vanilla, sheer woods and delicate musk.

Mood: Minimal, Ozonic, Fresh.

An invigorating theme inspired by the Tasman Sea. Hints of flower and earth combine with bright citrus peel and complex ferns. Crisp and minimal, it mimics moist stone, icy water and grey skies.

be bold

Mood: Exotic, Glamorous, Warm.

Marigold, sage, sandal and caramel combine on skin to exude a warm golden glow reminiscent of the desert at sunset. A theme that recalls old world glamour and sophistication.

Mood: Enigmatic, Complex, Dry.

A study in contrasts built around sparkling marigold, watery green sap and luxurious woods. Suggestive of the rugged, dry terroir of the magnificent Thar. This fragrance is subtle and hard to pin down: sharp-smooth, warm-cool, simple-enigmatic all at once.