Eaux de Rose

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A sublime blend of precious rose oils, fresh citrus and cassis. An uplifting theme that evokes the tender beauty of a spring rose. Extraordinarily natural and delicate, this fragrance is a real joy.

Mood: Elegant, Joyful, Feminine

Top: Citrus, Cassis, Blackcurrant

Middle: Bulgarian Rose, Geranium, Velvet

Base: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Rose

1.5 ml samples are available.
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This is a rose lover's must: “Sheer, Tender, Beautiful.” Eaux de Rose shifts shape, granting us that exquisite experience—the initial blast of cassis and citrus which accompany the queenly Bulgarian rose. I wish this could last forever; I want to spray it over and over again for the intoxication it provides. All things must pass, however, and the drydown morphs into a woody, more Oriental feel, soft and drier.
Ida Meister
Senior Perfumery Editor

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