We create in the spirit of Art Deco: combining luxurious materials, fine craftsmanship and a modern vision of what perfume must do for it's wearer . We do not lay claim to any one style but rather a collection of many varied and sometimes contradictory styles.

We create fragrances that are as exuberant and multi-faceted as our patrons.

Founder and Chief Creative Gauri Garodia has a post graduate degree from IIM Ahmedabad and began her career in the perfumery at Unilever in 1996. She has been a fragrance and sensory design expert for over 21 years and loves this versatile medium.



“The Jazz base was inspired by John Coltrane's 'violets for your furs'. It is a dark melancholy piece so we wanted to create a complex base with loads of depth and resonance. Ultimately we settled on an accord made out of cedar-wood, tobacco, leather, patchouli and the piece de' resistance - vetiver from Haiti. This base is such a beauty that we decided to build an entire series around it, graduating from the very dark, enigmatic A Minor through to a sparkling bubbling Happy Blu.“ - Gauri Garodia 

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