Happy Blu

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A fresh energising theme built around bright citrus fruits and crisp watery apple. A pale floral-wood accord lends softness and longevity to this volatile blend. Light, extremely versatile and a fabulous pick-me up.

Mood: Fresh, Energising, Fun

Top: Citrus Fruits, Lemon, Apple, Peach

Middle: White Rose, Jasmine, Transparent Woods

Base: White Musk

1.5 ml samples are available.
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“Sparkling, Energizing, Fun”: yes it is! Forget what you know about fruit, citrus, woods. This is crisp, tart, and lovely, truly to be enjoyed by all. It feels sunny and breezy, good-natured and uplifting. One would do well to keep it in the refrigerator in summer's swelter. Mmmmm.
Ida Meister
Senior Perfumery Editor

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