B Minor

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A modern playful twist on the moodier A Minor. Lively gin and citrus dominate a heart built around sweet cardamom and vibrant clove buds. In time, this fragrance reveals its dark sophisticated core of warm amber, earthy vetiver and musk.

Mood : Sexy, Sophisticated, Debonair

Top: Dry Gin, Italian Bergamot, White Grapefruit

Middle: Cardamom, Clove Buds, White Flowers

Base: Vetiver Haiti, Amber wood, Musk, Jazz Base


My impression is that of a very limpid masculine—or dry unisex perfume, if you will. The aesthetic which B Minor embodies might be interpreted as one influenced by the prevailing market from whence it springs: discreet, delicate, non-intrusive, inoffensive. It is a lyrical fragrance which commences in a sprightly manner and segues into a quiet refrain: the spice is spare and restrained, the flowers intimated, not shouted. The base is a lovely woody one with a certain grace. Discretion is the better part of valor here.
Ida Meister
Senior Perfumery Editor

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