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A study in contrasts built around sparkling marigold, watery green sap and luxurious woods. Suggestive of the rugged, dry terroir of the magnificent Thar. This fragrance is subtle and hard to pin down: sharp-smooth, warm-cool, simple-enigmatic all at once.

Mood: Enigmatic, Complex, Dry

Top: Bright Citrus, Marigold, Green Leaf

Middle: Cyclamen Blossoms, English Violet, Cucumber

Base: Vetiver, Musk, Cedar, Amber

1.5 ml samples are available.
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“Dry, Enigmatic, Refined”: the dusty, “rugged terroir of the magnificent Thar” indeed! Gauri intended a fragrance of contrasts, and she achieved this with a sure hand. For anyone who detests being pinned down and boxed in, this is a true enigma of a perfume. It's bold and arid and utterly fascinating, full of panache and personality. I think it's elegantly woody and oh-so-beautiful.
Ida Meister
Senior Perfumery Editor

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